Why you should run Jaipur Marathon

Jaipur marathon has been special for me; it was my first half & also the one in which I paced for the very first time. The experience has been exceptional. I will keep on returning to run it every passing year of my life. Here are few points, which I will like to point out to tempt you for running this one:

Course is fast:

What makes a course fast? In my theory less elevation & no sharp narrow turns. JM got both covered. The elevation gain is mere 62m which is also of very low grade & there are very few turns. I was expecting to run a 1:45 Half but I manged to complete in 1:40, only because of the course.

Route map for Jaipur Marathon

Well Managed event:

The JM is organized by professional event organizers hence, you get a well-managed event. There are ample number of aid stations providing you with water, electrolyte drink, oranges, medical support, porta-potty & all what you need. The volunteers are helpful & the security arrangements are good too.

Starting line of JM 2016


Motivation on the course:

We all have infinite energy reserve but we often find ourselves lacking at some point. All we need is a little spark. Well, JM has enough of it too. You will find folk dancers, Singers, RJ’s, Children & various talented individuals dancing to or singing awe inspiring songs to keep the fire alive.

Thrilling performance en route to help you pump more blood to the feet

Jaipur doesn’t witness large number of crowd support but, things are changing as there were lot of Jaipurites coming out to cheer in 2016 than in 2015. Jaipur’s running scene is burgeoning at a tremendous rate & I’m sure we will witness a large crowd support in the year 2017.

Weather is propitious:

Jaipur witness beautiful weather in the month of February. The temperature is in that pleasant zone (10-20 degree Celsius) with almost no humidity. In all perfect condition to run your Personal best.

Jaipur is a beautiful place to visit:

Jaipur has a rich blend of the old & the new. You will find numerous historical places like Hawa Mahal, , Albert hall museum, Jantar-Mantar, Jaigarh, Amer fort, Galta ji, Walled city & many others. The city undoubtedly has a rich past but, the present also has a lot to offer like World Trade Park, Jawahar circle, numerous malls & lots of fine eateries.

The race starts from the iconic Albert museum

A trip here will be unforgettable for you & your family. The marathon would just be an icing on the cake.

Inclusion of Full-Marathon category:

This year for the first time Full-Marathon category would be there. So, the experienced runners can make a jump & endure even more.

Pacers are there:

Don’t you think it is easier to run with somebody then all by yourself?  & if that somebody is a seasoned runner keeping tab of the pace, making sure you cross that finish line under your goal time then I’m sure all of yours answer would be a big ‘YES’.

Pacers giving the final boost

JM is aided by Jaipur Runners for pacers. You will find some of the most experienced runners who will pace you, motivate you, take care of you. In 2016, all of the pacers were able to finish under their goal time.

Happy faces after JM 2016


So, save the date of 5th February & come run in a beautiful city with beautiful people. If you don’t look to run half or full marathon come to run dream run(6k) or else come to cheer & show what your city is all about.

See you out there!

Cheers & happy running!


14 thoughts on “Why you should run Jaipur Marathon

  1. Sir in upcoming marathon…full marathon 42km…does it require any prior certificate…because i have only ran half marathon…this time i want to run full marathon…i dont want to opportunity to go away like this…


    1. Hi! I don’t think there would any certification required, what you have is enough. A request Mohnish, Please abstain from referring me as ‘sir’. I am of your age & a friend of yours too.
      Happy running! 🙂


  2. Jaipur Marathon has become very popular event. so much that even those who are not runners want to participate what if it’s just a km they can manage. I would love to too but I guess my body is only fit for high altitude climbing, vigorous boot camp training and body weight conditioning… I mean everything else apart from running! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It truly has over the years. If you’re fit enough to do all these then, I’m sure you’re fit enough to run too.
      It is in our genes, just see a kid running with soo much smoothness. We all are born to do so. It’s just that our sedentary lifestyle has made us forget the code. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Shubham I have been doing various forms of workout to bring in balance and element of surprise. Running I have found to be most painful with my ankles and shins giving up after few meters. So if at all I do a round of outer perimeter CP it’s a combo of jog and run. With limited time I never found opportunity to push and grow to be a runner -graduating from those ankle pain! Probably I’ll give it a try in winter season once swimming session is over! I’m sure you’ll be a great resource for running! 🙂


      2. It’s good that you’re doing variety of stuffs to make the body more agile. Running will surely come to you with time, almost all of us face some issues while starting out. I for instance has incurred almost all types of running injuries in the first one year. I do consider that one should move through space regularly whatever be the form whether it be running, walking, hiking,cycling, riding or any other way. Travel is the important aspect here, don’t know why but you tend to feel good while you’re moving. Sorry for getting of the topic. Cheers! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Sir, good noon..
    I’m from Jaipur but working in Indian railway at kota.
    Muje aapse milkar marathon rnunning k liye advise chahiye…
    Nd sir Jaipur runners club ka member bi bnna h
    Contect no.7791919249


    1. Hi! I would have loved to meet you but, presently I’m positioned somewhere else. Please inbox me queries on facebook & I would be more than happy to help. 🙂


    1. Hi Nikhil!It is not the most scenic route you will find in Jaipur so, good for PB not that good for soul quenching .
      Thanks 🙂


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